Can you hear the wind?

You lay awake all night, listening as the wind turns your room into a riotous orchestra. It plays its wild fugue, dropping to pianissimo lulls, then rising to frenetic crescendos. It chases you everywhere you go and calls up images of the past, of unbelievable people that you left in some foreigh countries. It’s time… you feel that urge again… you need to go on a new trip! You are not looking for a particular country, nor a state, but rather a loosely defined region, where dreams still have room to grow. A place of fun, of love, a place where friendship overcomes nationalities and religions. A place where you can chase the horizon accross the empty expanses, and then, find a lone and warm smile that might change your life… Don’t we all know a very special person that we met on a trip and that took a firm hold on our memory? I met a few people like this, people that were like miniature tornadoes to my life and changed it in such a way that, actually, I cannot imagine what turn it would have taken without them.

Sometimes birds fly backwards, trees grow horizontally… sometimes we just have to go. Like the wind caressing a piece of paper and moving it about on the ground, travelling took my life…

Floraine (2003)



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Countries I have been to

Belgium (2014)
UK (2000, 2013)

Botswana (2001)
Malawi (2002)
Marocco (2002)
Namibia (2001)
Kenya (2002)
South Africa (2001,2002)
Swaziland (2002)
Tanzania (2002)
Zimbabwe (2001,2002)
Zambia (2002)

Middle East
Israel (2004, 2010)
Jordan (2010)

Australia and Pacific
Australia (2003)

Bhutan (2013)
Cambodia (2013)
China (2005)
Hong Kong (2013)
India (2003)
Indonesia (2013)
Japan (2005, 2008)
Laos (2005)
Malaysia (2013)
Mongolia (2005)
Myanmar (2013)
Russia (2005)
Singapore (2013)
Thailand (2004,2005,2013)
Tibet (2005)
Uzbekistan (2009)
Vietnam (2013)
Xinjiang (2009)

North America
USA (2006)
Canada (2011,2014)
Mexico (2009)

South America
Argentina (2014)
Brazil (2008)
Chile (2014)
Colombia (2011)

Antarctica (2014)